Bodymod Creators

What is Bodymod Creators?

Bodymod Creators is a global community of content creators, influencers, ambassadors, and anyone passionate about creativity and piercing jewelry.

Here at Bodymod, we care about celebrating individuality and self-expression through piercing jewelry. And we want to connect with like-minded people who share these values!

Who can join?

Literally anyone! As long as you have a love for piercings, a creative spark, and a digital platform to express yourself with content about Bodymod, welcome to the community.

Why should you join the community?

It's all about helping each other grow and thrive. Through the power of social media, we'll gain exposure to each other's brands, talents, and creativity. Plus, our creators get access to some pretty sweet perks, like insider discounts and special rewards - talk about a win-win!

Ready to become a part of Bodymod Creators?

It is very simple, just shoot an email to [email protected]. Tell us a bit about yourself and link your social media profiles. That's all - easy, right?

We're super excited for you to join us and share your creativity with the world!

Bodymod CreatorsBodymod Creators